Competitive Big Game Fishing: Gambling on a Lucky Strike

Big game fishing is actually a kind of recreational fishing where participants will capture big fish, such as marlin and tuna. It only became a sport when motor boats were invented. Big game fishing is held in places where there are a significant number of gamefish that are near the coasts. Some of these spots are in Queensland, Florida and Hawaii.

Big Game Fishing Competitions

“Breathe Easy” won the recently concluded Gulf Coast Triple Crown Championship held in Orange Beach, Alabama. According to the event’s website, the Triple Crown Championship was comprised of five competitions. These are the Orange Beach, Cajun Canyons and Mississippi Gulf Coast Billfish Classics, the Emerald Coast Blue Marlin Classic, and the Blue Marlin Grand Championship. The winner of the sport was determined using a hybrid system that only accounts for the weight and release points of the three best finishes during the blue marlin events.

As per Marlin, there are other big game fishing tournaments wherein great rewards await the winners. For instance, Bisbee’s Black and Blue is regarded as one of the most opulent sport fishing events in the world. Spectators and participants are already a winner just by attending the event in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

In 2015, the White Marlin Open had the largest participating fleet. More than 300 boats battled it out for a whopping $3.9 million of winnings. The MidAtlantic big fish event also offers huge prizes for its winners. Just last year, over 120 boats vied for $2.8 million in this five-day tournament.

Betting on Big Game Fishing

You need not to click here and there to know how to make a bet on big game fishing. The sport literally lures punters who want to make quick cash. According to Clavin UK, “betting is based on target species of fish that belongs to standard and quality of the race.” Prior to the start of the tournament, bookies secure the type of fish and spot of the punters.

Among the favourite big game fishing competitions of punters are those in the United States. Examples are WON BASS and the Bassmaster Tournament Trail. Making a gamble on fishing sports is fairly common in Australia, China, the United States and India.